Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Pots

I just finished a cycle and this batch was special to me. . .
My journey through various methods and styles has slowly but surely led to a style that I can confidently state is mine.  I've enjoyed the experience and now am producing pots that have my style and do what I want them to do.  It's just clay . . . mud, if you will, and the effects on the world are minimal.  But if a life needs passion to be a full life, and this medium is a catalyst that allows my passions to emerge, then it's effect is well worth the time and efforts involved.

Here's the latest batch, fresh from the kiln -
The phone-cam photos are a bit rough, but you get an idea - click on the images for more detail.

Great outcome - no glaze runs, no stuck lids, a solid ^5 firing. . .

This teapot is very light

Cookie jar with design relief

Genie Lamp Teapot

Udon Bowl

Experiment with Tenmoku glaze on inside, very nice results

Covered Casserole

A couple of the mugs -

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A 15" Platter