Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Pots

I got around to glazing my latest cycle of pots.  All of these are cone 6 "B-Mix" from Laguna Clay.  My next batch will include a number of porcelain 5 pieces, but that's down the road a bit. . .

 I managed to break my favorite tea-pot while glazing it, and my favorite 18" platter was sufficiently cracked to earn a trip to the trash bin - as did a nice thick based vase that had enough moisture to blow its foot off.   But some pieces make me happy.  Evolution can be very slow sometimes.

Here they are -

Find more photos like this on Electric Cone 6 & Other Ways w/ Clay

A 14" tall lidded vase with RIOX wash and Sapphire Blue glaze
A 14" flower pot with dragonfly motif using shellac resist

My favorite mug of the batch - it's now my daily drinker.

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