Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jan Pots - Glazed

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Queen of the Load
This glaze cycle was a bit of a departure for me. I had purchased 16 pints of Amaco Potters Choice glazes, in various flavors, in the hope that I could get some results that made me smile a bit more broadly than I had in the past. I must admit that some of the pots came out looking better than anything I have produced prior. But I must also admit that many of the pots that came out looking the best, were wearing my shop-mixed glazes. I spent the better part of two days glazing this one load of wear due to the care and precision I wanted to show in the finished results. The "Queen of the Load" was produced using all Amaco PC glazes and it was like Christmas when I got a look at the results.

In a future post I will list the combinations and show the results.  For now, here is a slideshow of my latest kiln load -