Monday, April 2, 2012

Rain Pots

Normally, when I'm off for a few days and the weather is nice, I go paragliding or kayaking or do something fun with my wife.   When it rains I get to go into the dungeon for some serious clay work.  This week has had some weather days and this is the fruit of my labors.  It's all still leather hard (I've found that the more patience I practice during the drying phase, the less issues I have with minor cracks at my joins.

This batch includes a couple dozen mugs and numerous Udon bowls, as well as some more decorative vases.  I've been on a bit of a tea-pot jag lately and here are some pics - obviously these are unfinished until they've been bisque fired.

Tea Pots drying

Genie Pot

10" X !0" Vase

Lidded Vase, Crock, and Casserole

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